Computer Embroidery: Individuality Through Art

Unrivaled Possibilities of Computer Embroidery and Decoration

We specialize in our passion for computer embroidery and unique decorative techniques. We shape designs that attract attention and emphasize the character of each product. Our services cover a wide range of embroidery techniques, including cross stitch, letter embroidery, flat embroidery, loop embroidery and much more.

Computer Embroidery: Discover the Potential of 3D

The modern approach to embroidery also includes 3D technology. We produce 3D embroidery that adds depth and expressiveness to your designs. Let your designs take on a third dimension, going beyond standard expectations.

Computer Embroidery in Łódź: Tradition Meets Modernity

Located in Łódź, the heart of creativity, we are proud of our roots and at the same time open to the latest trends in the world of computer embroidery. Our vibrant community of artists and craftsmen create unique embroidery, combining tradition with innovation.

Design with Character: Embroidery on Clothes and More

We offer embroidery on clothes, hats, tulle, as well as on patterns and other unusual surfaces. Cross-stitch, embroidery on tulle, embroidered appliqués, embroidered patches - we will create any project, adding a unique character to it.

Embroidery for your business

The scope of services also includes professional computer embroidery for companies. We offer marking of advertising clothing, embroidering logos on clothes, advertising embroidery and embroidered emblems. Your brand will gain not only recognition, but also an individual and professional character.

Advanced techniques, tradition and modernity combine in our embroidery shop. Use our services to give your projects a unique expression and make your style stand out from others. Contact us today!