Sublimation Printing

Durable and Creative Solutions for Your Textiles

We invite you to discover the potential of sublimation printing, where your designs become durable and unique. Our sublimation printing service offers not only aesthetic designs, but also practical benefits for your textiles.

Unbreakable Persistence

We provide sublimation printing, which is characterized by high durability, thanks to which your designs will remain intense and expressive for a long time. You don't have to worry about losing colors or quality - our sublimation is irreversible, which means your textiles always look great.

Unlimited Creativity

Our graphic designers work on patterns in our studio, offering an unlimited number of colors in very high resolution. Additionally, the possibility of polishing and gold-plating the print gives your designs additional uniqueness. We create not only patterns, but also works of art that will distinguish your textiles from the competition.

The versatility of Transfer Printing

Our transfer printing service covers a wide range of possibilities:

  • Print on square footage for larger projects
  • Cut-outs of any size for personalized details

We also use the transfer printing technique to apply to patterns made of various raw materials, combining sublimation with embroidery, flock, pasting and decorations such as sequins, pearls or rhinestones. We create textiles that not only look great, but also meet practical expectations.

Invest in Durability and Uniqueness with Our Sublimation Printing

Transform your textiles into unique works of art, emphasizing their durability and uniqueness thanks to sublimation printing. Join us to discover how our services can add value to your projects and make you stand out in the market. Welcome!